I’ve had a lot of massages over the years and Chloe gave by far the best deep tissue massage that I have ever experienced. Not only is she very skilled but she is also very pleasant. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
— Pete brockway
Chloe is a phenomenal massage therapist who I would highly recommend to everyone. She definitely has magic hands and an exceptional talent and passion in what she does.
She covers every part of the body from top to toe, and gives a truly amazing massage experience. I will definitely be having regular massages with Chloe, it’s 100% worth every penny!
— Lorna Giles
Had a really fantastic massage with Chloe. One of the best I have had!
— Jo Lightening
Chloe - Professional, attentive and effective! I have not had many massages but this is the best to date. I recommend you without reservation and I hope to see you again soon.
— Dan Smith
I had a wonderful massage from Chloe, it was very relaxing and she is amazing at what she does! I would highly recommend her to anyone.
— Chelsea Adams
I’m a regular runner and had been suffering from pain around my ankle and shin. I booked a deep tissue massage with Chloe and was delighted with the results. My muscles have started to free up and after a couple of days I was back running, feeling much better. I’ll be booking regular sessions with Chloe. Highly recommended.
— Carron holmes
Chloe is an amazing therapist. I especially loved my sessions with her when I was pregnant - she was so caring and I just felt amazing afterwards. I highly recommend her.
— Rachel Hall
Wow! This girl is amazing! One of, if not the best massage I’ve ever had. Cannot recommend her highly enough! 5 stars all round!
— Andrea Smale
Amazing facial Chloe! Feel ten years younger. Loved it!
— Susan De Muynck
I had a natural lift facial massage with Chloe which was absolutely fantastic. She is such a lovely therapist who puts you completely at ease from the moment you arrive to checking you’re ok the following day! This treatment starts with a foot massage then Chloe stretches out your back, she then massages your head,neck,chest, shoulders and face using beautifully scented oils. I felt completely relaxed and afterwards my face felt so smooth and my skin looked really refreshed. I would thoroughly recommend this treatment if you’re looking for something to help relieve tension and make you look refreshed and rejuvenated.
— Claire Mitchell
Chloe is a gifted professional body worker. Through setting up a business and two pregnancies Chloe has helped me to looked after my body and sanity! I cannot really recommend her strongly enough. She is committed to developing her practical skills and I am thrilled and grateful to be a part of her journey as a massage therapist and all round lovely person. Xxx
— Emma Enid Ethelburgh Johnson
“After a very stressful few months I finally made an appointment for a back, neck & shoulder massage with Chloe. The treatment was completely fantastic and I could feel all the tension disappearing. Chloe also identified a problem with my neck alignment which has most likely been the cause of other problems I’ve been experiencing so, while I’m not cured yet, I know what I need to try next.”
— Lucy sparkes
I had such an amazing 90-minute massage with Chloe. I felt incredible afterwards, so relaxed and revived. Chloe was fantastic, so thorough and well-informed. Definitely one of the best massages I’ve ever had
— Helen B
I had an incredible back, neck and shoulder massage from Chloe. A stiff, achey back is part and parcel of my job but after the massage I feel as supple as I’ve been in a long while. Highly recommended.
— Ben Scanlan
Brilliant massage therapist. One of the best!
— Bennet Wright
I loved my massage from Chloe, it was relaxing, rejuvenating and uplifting. I’m a therapist myself and I trained with Chloe a few years back. She gave the best massage in class back then and it was great to feel her amazing therapeutic touch once again. she has developed many more skills and a unique massage style since I was last massaged by her. I highly recommend getting a massage from Chloe. Thank you so much!
— Douglas Orton
Just the right balance between remedial and relaxation, Chloe truly tailors her treatment to the individual an art which is so often missed in massage therapy. Highly recommended
Thank you Chloe for the most outstanding deep relaxation massage! Knots beyond the touch of other therapists soothed and eased away. Now experiencing an overwhelming feeling of calm and stillness after the treatment and I’ll be back as soon as I can get back down to Devon.
— Rebecca vaughn
A totally lovely and gifted young lady! as a therapist myself i rarely get the time for a massage myself so it was a real treat for Chloe to sort my tired body and totally knackered shoulders. Chloe knows her stuff and I’ll definitely be booking further sessions.
— Emms Lowe
Simply amazing! Very talented lady, would highly recommend to everyone!!!
— Becky Cowley
Incredible! I could have sworn that i felt 3 pairs of hands… Magic.
— Josh Walker
The best massage therapist I know. Chloe is incredibly knowledgeable, professional and friendly. I’ve recommended many friends and clients to see Chloe over the years and they’ve all been incredibly happy with their results. You’ll definitely have less aches and pains after seeing Chloe!
— TOM Waldron
Had an incredible massage with Chloe, lots of care taken to choose the right oil, lots of effort to get all my knots out! Really lovely and would highly recommend.
— Zoe W
I’ve had a fair few massages over the years, this evening was my first with Chloe. It will not be my last! Superb treatment with some real unique touches. The hot bamboo is amazing. Chloe has magic hands (and elbows).
— Lee Willoughby
An utterly amazing massage! Mood lifter, aches and pains blitzed! Left feeling like a new man. Thank you Chloe.
— Jon Foster
A five star massage thank you Chloe! Intuitive, sensitive, energising and deep massage that really worked in to all of those tight muscles. Not too much talk throughout and lovely self-care guidance sent afterwards. A very talented woman.
— Iella Lyons
The most wonderful and relaxing massage I have ever had.
— Laura pomana jackson
I love my massages with Chloe. She is not only a totally lovely human being but also a very talented therapist who I highly recommend. In a short space of time she is able to make you feel like you have been relaxing foir much longer than you actually have, as she manages to cover the whole body extremely well, even if you are only on the couch for an hour. Thank you Chloe
— Jules Templeton
Best nights sleep I’ve had in weeks! Felt 100% relaxed after a massage with Chloe. Highly recommend to everyone. Chloe is fantastic!
— Emma Ward
Chloe is an extremely talented young lady, she offers a very professional service and you leave the clinic feeling amazing. I recommend her 100%!
— Beth Pedlar
My first ever massage, amazing. i can see how it could become addictive!
— Anne Beer
“Chloe is an amazing masseuse, my treatment was perfect- all over body massage... it was heavenly, I didn’t really want to get up to go home because I was so relaxed! Chloe is careful with injuries and listens to what you say.

Thank you SO much Chloe! See you soon”
— Krissie Leyland