how can massage help you

It doesn’t matter if you are an office worker, professional athlete or enthusiastic weekend warrior, massage can become a truly beneficial addition to your health care routine (consider it like servicing your car). It can help provide pain relief, reduce stress levels and develop a solid foundation for injury prevention.

The effects of massage therapy are twofold, working on both a physiological and psychological level. Massage has an immediate effect on the area of the body being worked on and this in turn effects the rest of the body via the stimulation and relaxation of the nervous system. The effects of both are heavily dependant upon the style of massage and the techniques used with a good therapist always tailoring the treatment to you and what you need.

It is the physical action of the therapist manipulating the soft tissue that affects the local area of the massage - for example your back - and it is the nervous stimulation via the touch and movement of the massage that triggers a response throughout the rest of the body.

Let’s get to it ...

Massage improves the workings of the body’s systems. It works on a cellular level as the delivery of nutrients, oxygen and water are improved and the removal of carbon dioxide and other toxins is speeded up, digestion and respiration are improved encouraging each cell in the body to work to its optimum level. The pumping action of massage helps to remove lactic acid build up in the body’s muscles which are often over worked, feeling stiff and fatigued. Manipulations of the muscle tissue leads to relaxation, improved flexibility and better range of movement. These positive effects on the muscular system have a super positive, knock on effect for the skeleton. Soothing massage techniques help to decrease stiffness and immobility around the joints and the improved flexibility of the muscles massively reduces the strain on the joints and can help improve your posture. Wherever possible during your massage the therapist works with pressure towards the heart assisting it in its mammoth task of supplying your whole body with fresh, clean, oxygenated blood. Your lymphatic system produces antibodies, white blood cells and is responsible for removing excess tissue fluid from around your body, it has no pumps of its own and massage can be very effective for helping to reduce oedema, cellulite and giving your immune system a bit of a boost. Effects of massage on the nervous system will be heavily dependant on the techniques used and style of massage you opt for. Waking up the nerves and energising the body, might be amazing for an athlete prior to a sporting event but the  stressed out bank manager might benefit more from a deep relaxing massage to help calm the nerves, release stress and tension and encourage deep sleep.



how can massage help you

• Promoting general relaxation
• Relieving fatigued muscles, soreness and stiffness
• Encouraging better circulation and therefore the delivery of nutrients
  to your bodies cells
• Improve your digestion and waste removal processes
• Encourage deeper and more efficient breathing - more oxygen
  for your body
• Improve lymphatic drainage
• Reduce stress and the effects of it by relaxing your body
• Help to relax your mind and decrease anxiety and its effects
• Boost your emotions due to endorphin release and increase
  positive feelings
• Increase your energy levels by stimulating all the bodies systems and
  lessening that feeling of tiredness and lethargy
* encourage deep sleep


If massage becomes a regular part of your health care, there are numerous ways it can benefit you for the long term including;

• Improved skin elasticity
• Improved circulation
• A boosted immune system
• Encouraged muscle suppleness
• Reduced pain
• Relieved insomnia
• Bringing balance to your digestive system
• Lowering high blood pressure
• Improved self awareness and body image
• Enabling sustained calm and relaxed state of your body and mind


"A five star massage thank you Chloe. Intuitive, sensitive, energising and deep massage that really worked into all those tight muscles. Not too much talk throughout and lovely self-care guidance sent afterwards. A very talented woman."