about Chloe

My massage journey, began back in 2012 when I was fortunate enough to be able to study Ayurvedic massage at the ‘Scientific School of Yoga, Naturopathy and Ayurvedic Hospital’ in Kerala, India. It was a truly insightful experience and I still apply this traditional, holistic approach to all of my treatments.


“I believe that nothing is permanent, and everything is always changing.”

To me this means that the body is also always changing and no matter what condition the body is in, no matter how much tension, pain and stress is stored there – we can change it. The human body is the most incredible instrument, with its own ability to heal and replenish itself. Sometimes it just needs a nudge in the right direction. This is where massage and other complementary therapies can offer the body the time it needs to connect to it’s own, deep healing ability, which seems to me to be of more and more need considering the busy lives that most of us lead. I’m based in Braunton, North Devon and work alongside other therapists including a physiotherapist, osteopath, bowen practitioner, chiropractor, yoga and pilates instructors as well as other massage therapists to ensure you get the best possible treatment.