Scar Tissue and Fertility

In Chinese medicine there is a proverb that says “you must nourish the soil before you plant the seed”. This is particularly applicable to treating fertility issues. ‘Nourishing the soil’ helps to optimise the quality of the egg and sperm as well maximising the conditions for conception. With abdominal sacral massage we can address structural issues with the spine, pelvis, abdominal and reproductive organs. In the USA a study showed that around 40% of all female infertility cases were caused by a hormonal imbalance and that just as many, again 40% had mechanical/structural reasons for the infertility. There is often a close correlation between hormonal and mechanical changes in the body and it’s essential for treatment that we look at it from all directions.

When tissue is damaged the body lays down collagen fibres quickly and often haphazardly to close the wound as quickly and efficiently as possible. If the injury is an infection or inflammation then the fibres can act as a shield to stop it from spreading. Quite often this leaves a layer of tough collagen fibres on the inside which can become a barrier that prevents proper circulation of blood and nutrients and removal of waste from the cells as it adheres to the adjacent tissues. If this infection was in the Fallopian tubes the scar tissue can often cause the cilia (microscopic hair like structures that line the tubes) to be come stiff and stick together. Which inhibits the eggs ability to travel down the Fallopian tubes. “In 2008 a study was carried out on the use of scar tissue (the wurn method) techniques to open occluded Fallopian tubes. 28 women diagnosed with occluded Fallopian tubes on both sides were treated with approximately 20 hours of individual treatment, the subsequent examination showed that 17 of the women had as at least one tube reopened and 9 went on to become pregnant naturally.” ~ Wurn B, Wurn L “treating Fallopian tube occlussion with manual pelvic physical therapy”

Chloe Pedlar