Massage for Women’s Health

Since studying abdominal Sacral massage, I have been more and more drawn to working with women. I find this treatment to be so powerfully effective. I think it’s only right to share with each and everyone of you.

I think as women it’s key to our over all well being to have a positive relationship with our bodies, to know our cycles and especially to love our bellies. Reconnecting with ourselves in this way is truly empowering and literally puts your health back in your own hands.

With this massage I have seen multiple successes ranging from easier periods, improved digestion, better post natal recover, super charged fertility, smoother transition to menopause and improved alignment, therefore reversing prolapse. Our bellies are our centres, our powerhouse. It holds our vital organs and working with them helps them to function optimally and this has a positive ripple (sometimes more like a massive wave) effect on multiple areas of our health.

By decongesting and realigning your vital organs we are stimulating blood and lymph flow, this gives way for proper elimination and optimal functioning. It actively improves the peristalsis action in your gut which gets things moving, encourages good absorption and provides relief from IBS, constipation and chronic bloating. Abdominal massage for women works heavily on the reproductive organs and the ligaments that hold them in place. It can help regulate your cycle, lessen painful periods and improve PMS symptoms. If you are trying for a baby or would like to in the future this is one of the safest and non invasive ways to supercharge your fertility. By ensuring your uterus is in the prime position, the sperm will be able to travel in more easily. By having a more regular cycle you will be able to know when you are ovulating and there for know when your most fertile days are. The techniques used are awesome when working with abdominal adhesions which may be effecting your chance of conception and can work wonders with c-section scars.

“Studies from the US show around 40% of all cases of female infertility are caused by hormonal disorders, metabolic and autoimmune disorders and other medical conditions. But just as many (around 40%) have mechanical causes, scar tissue in the abdomen and uterus etc. These women often have a very good and healthy egg supply but experience complications when trying to conceive.” Anne Marie Jensen, Physiotherapist specialising in infertility. Author Fertility and Physical Therapy .

I have had phenomenal results when working with prolapse after child birth, quite often within one session clients report feeling lighter, with less sensation of prolapse, less pain during intercourse and a feeling of being more upright and confident. The massage improves the alignment of the organs and stimulates circulation to the whole area and provides a natural “pelvic lift”. I love working with post natal women, it might seem crazy to have a massage when you have a new baby but it really is so important to look after you, the new mother. Whether this is your first baby or you are a seasoned veteran, you have just been through mammoth changes, physically, mentally and emotionally and this time out for you really helps with your recovery. The massage can help prevent pelvic weakness, and return your body back to its pre pregnancy shape while at the same time allowing you some rest and recuperation to keep your energy levels up and your mind sane for the new demands on your body.

If you are at the other end of your reproductive life and heading towards or fully immersed in the so often dreaded menopause then this massage can really help with balancing your hormones, the improved circulation ensures hormones are stimulated and delivered to the right places making for an easier transition to the next phase of your life.

I feel that abdominal sacral Sacral massage empowers women to be more in touch with themselves. Giving you control over your menstrual, gynaecological and physical health. Wether you are suffering with endometriosis and painful periods, have digestive troubles or are struggling to conceive or move through the menopause, this treatment offers you the chance to actively participate in your own health. Taking time to do this can be pivotal in your over all health and well being.

Chloe Pedlar