What is Makai? 


I can be fairly rushed when it comes to decision making, some times this is a godsend and others quite the opposite, but when Jennie (of SunSide Studio) put the word Makai on the table I instantly loved it. 

I did spend the next 72 hours coming up with literally every other possible idea imaginable but  you know when you get that gut feeling ... you just got to go with it. I tried it out on a few trusted souls and they also liked it; so that was that. 

Makai... massage with Chloe, was now in the making. 

It’s a Hawaiian word that means “towards the ocean”. Not particularly massage related you might say and I mostly agree, it is however quite relative to me and where I am at the moment. Having spent the last couple of years really finding my feet in North Devon and getting into surfing (why the hell did I not try this before?!?!?). Towards the ocean certainly feels like where I am going. I also studied Lomi Lomi massage (the traditional Hawaiian massage) last year, I loved the forearm techniques, the way it flowed and incorporate these into my work. 

Towards the ocean, for me is where I can chill and have some down time. I feel so incredibly lucky to live here with the gorgeous sandy beaches and the wild rugged coastline, it gives me space to breath, puts things into perspective and enables me to get back in touch with myself and I hope this is the same for you, when you come and have treatment with me. 

Makai, massage with Chloe

Jennie Lewis